CREATIVE BELA is an original 3D animated series that has as axis a group of friendsthat divide the universe of a daycare. Bela and her companions exchange experiences and learn about the world from this experience, which often represents the childs first social space. The series shows the way these children draw lessons from the games, experiences and adventures that they construct themselves through their imaginary. To awaken fellowship, courage, tolerance, respect, care, is one of the missions of this work, which presents in an attractive, dynamic and modern way the universe of these little friends who perceive the world inside a very important institution Which is the daycare.
It all comes down to a 5-year-old girl who sees the world from her imaginary universe. Bela wears glasses, has a dog named TiĆ£o and a best friend named Dado. As soon as Bela started wearing glasses she called them magical magnifying glasses, which made her take a super-powerful vision and see things that no one else can see. CREATIVE BELA awakens the creativity that exists in each child and gently presents the purity and innocence of a world seen through the eyes of a child.
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